About Maria & Ricardo’s

“Mucho Goodness”

Let’s hear it for genuine goodness.
Goodness doesn’t contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
It wasn’t conceived in a laboratory.
It isn’t genetically engineered.
It’s not factory farmed.
Goodness doesn’t have ‘incorporated’ after it.
It isn’t forgettable.
It isn’t some idle claim that gets slapped on a package for marketing purposes.
Rather, goodness is the opposite of ordinary.
It’s starting with the finest ingredients that meet the highest quality standards,
and then turning them into the best tasting Mexican tortillas and foods.
It’s bringing the very best of Mexico’s vibrant food culture to America.
And then preparing food with an artisanal touch that’s true to our Mexican roots.
Goodness is real.
It’s what happens when your taste buds encounter flavors they’ve never met before, and your taste buds say ‘very bueno.’
Goodness is the foods of Maria & Ricardo’s.
Maria & Ricardo’s. Mucho Goodness.