Foodservice Products

Maria and Ricardo's line of foodservice tortilla products are filled with Mucho Goodness to bring your best menu creations to life!

We opened our doors over 30 years ago, manufacturing high-quality, wholesome, simple tortillas for the foodservice industry. While today we make tortillas for more than just our foodservice customers, our passion remains back where we started – bringing the very best of Mexico’s vibrant food culture to the U.S. foodservice market. We offer the broadest portfolio of clean label tortilla products that live up to the highest standards of foodservice operators.

What Makes Us Different:

  • We offer a full line of flour, corn and specialty flour tortillas for all foodservice segments.
  • Most of our products are non-GMO project verified, Vegan & Kosher certified, contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They’re filled with nothing except Mucho Goodness!
  • Our tortillas range in size from 4” to 12”. Most of our larger-sized tortillas are unique to the market.
  • The performance of our tortillas is best-in-class and they’ll meet your highest standards. They won’t break, crack, stick or seep. They’ll stand up to the toughest hot or cold recipes.

Who We Serve:

  • Quick Service Restaurants
    (National Multi-Unit Chains to Single-Unit Operators)
  • Casual/Fine Dining Restaurants
    (National Multi-Unit Chains to Single-Unit Operators)
  • Colleges & Universities
    (NACUFS Members)
  • K-12 Schools & Camps
  • Hospitals, Healthcare, Assisted Living
  • B&I

We have a wide network of distributor partners, including UNFI and KeHe. We also now have national distribution with our redistributor partner, DOT Foods.

To learn more about our Foodservice Program, contact us at: [email protected]